Most frequent questions and answers

Bulk means large volume and sms is nothing but short message services.  This refers to sending sms in bigger volume.
This service is mostly used by banking services, shopping malls, educational, institutions to promote their business.
So in one line, you can say “bulk sms service is a service which is used to promote the business.

No doubt cost wise it’s very effective means in less budget you can reach to the huge targeted audience.
Basically, cost start from Free to no limit.
No limit means as many the audience you have that much investment is required.
To give you a rough idea about the cost of bulk sms I can it is not even Rupees: 1/- for each user.
You can check the current pricing of bulk sms services.
Isn’t so cost effective?

As I have discussed earlier, Bulk sms service can be used in multiple organizations. Let me add a few more sectors that use bulk sms to promote the business and branding.

  • Ecommerce industry
  • Hotel Industry
  • Education Institutions
  • FMCG industries.
  • Stock broking
  • Real Estate
  • Placement and consulting.
  • Delivers instantly

It’s unquestionably among the greatest features that the majority of SMS advertising offers. SMS support is obviously super quick. Therefore, instantly reaches on the cellular device of your clients with no hassle. It’s an established actuality that a text message doesn’t require over seven seconds to make it to the recipient. Thus, you won’t need to be concerned about your messages being sent.

  • High readability

Text messages offer you utmost readability. It’s been discovered in a recent poll that people have the inclination to instantly browse the messages. As a matter of fact, 97 percent of those messages which you send to your customers are immediately read. This efficacy is something which you can’t achieve if you’re using any other instrument. Thus, you may be totally confident of your messages being read using SMS promoting

  • Cost-Effective:

Bulk SMS Service Is very budget-friendly, and economical in comparison with other marketing channels like television or Magazine advertising etc.

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  • Personalization

As per our business requirement or niche we can personaliz the SMS as well. You can send a specific message based on your customer behavior or location-based as well.

  • High Open Rate

With compare to additional marketing and advertising programs Bulk SMS Marketing has a rather high speed. Nearly every SMS sent is available within 10 minutes. Whereas the sole portion of Email delivered is offered by Mail and a lot of them send in the spam box.